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5020 Victory Ridge Lane
Roswell, Georgia 30075

phone: (770) 642-7538

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5020 Victory Ridge Lane
Roswell GA 30075

(770) 642-7538

Commercial Real Estate Appraisers Serving Metro Atlanta for Over 20 Years


Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Providing Reliable Market Value Appraisals
  • With Well-Supported Value Conclusions
  • Based Upon Thorough Market Research
  • Derived From Detailed Verification
  • Tempered by Sound Judgement
  • Delivered In a Timely Manner
  • Presented In a Clear Format

All field work and analyses are performed by Randy Speir, an MAI -designated appraiser with Over 25 Years of experience, which ensures a high level of quality in services provided. 

We provide Unbiased Opinions and are Not engaged in either the brokerage or the accounting fields.    

USPAP-Compliant Standards are used as Minimum Guidelines for the preparation of narrative appraisal reports.

In light of the complexities and the due diligence required to perform a thorough analysis within each particular submarket, professional services are Limited to the Metro Atlanta area

Solving commercial real estate-related problems for over 25 years.

Solving commercial real estate-related problems for over 25 years.